about me

i'm jordyn kerr.
i am a middle art school teacher, a wife, a photographer, a social media addict, a struggling health nut, a christ follower and a drinker of green tea and strong coffee.
 i became interested in photography about three years ago when i bought my first dslr camera. it's been a long journey of self-teaching, google-ing, practicing and forcing my husband to pose for a million and one pictures. at some point, people started calling me a photographer and actually wanted me to take pictures of them. totally weird, i know.
i believe in the importance of capturing memories and special moments. i love seeing life through a lens and even more so, i love preserving those moments for, well, forever.
this blog is my outlet for personal and professional photos. i will ask you to please excuse an abundance of cat pictures or random shots around my house and in fairness i will try to post at least a few inspiring and "fun to look at" photos.
thanks for visiting!

any questions, comments, or grumblings shoot me an email: jkerr615@gmail.com 
{can't promise that i'll read or respond to the latter, though}

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