Tuesday, February 25, 2014

play date.

so, i'm finally back at work this week! kind of crazy having almost TWO whole weeks off (thanks to some snow days and our so conveniently scheduled winter break). i can't say i was super productive every day that i was off, but i can say i had some fun, i relaxed, did some things around the house, and just really enjoyed myself. its good to do that, you know?

one of my favorite days this week was "aunt jordy play date" -- our sweet niece, addy grace, came over for some fun with aunt jordy and uncle ben. 
 there are so many great, fun things to do when you're only two and a half. one of which, is to chase "ki-ki" (kitty kitty) around and giggle when she tries to play with you. and if you're a really sneaky little girl, you'll pick up "ki-ki" and carry across the house to your aunt jordy. "ki-ki" loves that. 

(side note: no kitties or nieces were harmed during our play date -- not even a scratch.)
 also, its really super fun to jump on the bed and get in tickle fights.
 don't forget about chasing the cat!
and we can't have a fun day without coloring!

needless to say, we were all exhausted at the end of this day. this little chick was snoring in her car seat when we drove her home.

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