Monday, March 3, 2014

our home: the yellow room.

when we first moved into this house, the "yellow room" was one of my favorite rooms. second in line only to our kitchen (but come on, kitchens are awesome and quite hard to compete with). unfortunately, the yellow room has always been the hardest room for me to figure out. like, what is it's purpose? we have an office and a guest bedroom already. the shelves that i love in the yellow room are really hard to fill because they're so shallow and the desk area is too tall for any normal chair. as much as i loved this room, it became so frustrating to me. we had to get really creative in determining a purpose for this room.
and really, the purpose has evolved over the past year and a half. it's sort of become a catch all room for office supplies, a few quick craft supplies, and some books. we now have a daybed in this room (with a trundle!) so it's also an extra make-shift guest room, when we need it. it's also my favorite napping room because the sun comes in just right through the door window in the evenings that you can't sleep too long but you get just the right amount of rest.
{{ this is a watercolor painting of the street where ben proposed, we bought it on our one year anniversary }}

i've arranged the shelves a million and one times with things i love to look at. i just grab things from around the house and swap things around. its one of the easiest ways to spruce up a room without spending any money or making a commitment.

did i mention how much olive loves this room? she thinks she owns the place.

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