Monday, February 17, 2014

self-timer 101.

if you haven't learned how to use your self timer on your camera, you need to learn now! no joke, it's one of the best little features on your camera. how else are you going to capture sweet memories with the photographer? it's time to get out from the behind the lens!
here are a few tips from me to you to make self-timing pictures a little easier:
1. get a tripod. okay, i'll admit. i don't have a tripod. i should because i usually end up propping my camera on a stool, a bench, a table or a stack of books to get it at just the right height. but an easy-to-use tripod will get your camera at the perfect height quick and easy.
2. find a focal point. once your camera is set up, go ahead and focus on your subject. i usually position my husband where we are going to stand and let my camera autofocus on him. the trick here is to then turn autofocus off once your subject is sharp, clear and in focus. that way, when you jump in the photo your camera won't try to change the focus on you. i always do a few test shots, turn off autofocus, turn on self-timer and then jump in the pictures. sounds way more complicated then it actually is and it cuts out all the frustrations of running back and forth only to find blurry pictures.
 3. location, location, location. sometimes it feels silly to run back and forth, setting the timer and then hopping in a picture. at some point you get over it, i don't mind looking like a tourist-y fool on vacations for good pictures. but if you feel dumb about it, take pictures in your own backyard or some place with less people (hiking trails, small parks, etc). especially while you're just figuring out how to use your self-timer. trial and error can make you feel pretty silly.
4. be crazy. pose funny. get creative. i know we always have to take the "stand by each other and smile at the camera" picture but the best pictures and the ones you'll love for a long, long time are the ones where you're acting like yourself.

if you don't have a big, fancy camera (or even a small fancy camera) with a self timer, you may consider downloading an app with a self-timer. camera plus is my favorite iphone photo app with a self-timer and it's only 99 cents!

so get out there and hop in some pictures!

{{ big thanks to my sweet husband for always taking lots of goofy pictures with me }}

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